New Cemetery and Crematorium in Leverstock Green (Updated Novembert 2020)

Some time ago LGVA was informed that a new cemetery was required in Dacorum as the existing one at Woodwells has almost reached capacity.  We were told that it would be sited in Leverstock Green, adjacent to the entrance to Bunkers Park.  We were later informed that a crematorium may be added on land adjacent to the cemetery.

The cemetery site is now complete with an access road, admin building, car park, roadways, etc and an imposing gate. It has been attractively laid out with grass, shrubs and trees.  It will probably come in to use during 2021 when Woodwells is finally full.

IMG_2579.jpeg    IMG_2282.jpeg   

Plans have now been published for the crematorium. It will consist of a single storey building and is expected to hold 40 cremations a week. Access will be through the cemetery from the Bunkers Park access road and there will be parking for 140 cars. 

The plans can be viewed by entering reference number 20/01355/MFA here -

The following are plans and simulated photographs of the proposed crematorium.  

Crematorium_Plan_1.jpg  Crematorium_Plan_2.png   

Crematorium_1.jpg    Crematorium_2.jpg

Update August 2021

Work on the new crematorium is now due to commence in late September and to be complete by the end of next year.   A new, temporary, access to the site will be created between the present access road and Bunkers Lane.  There will obviously be increased heavy vehicular traffic through the village during the construction period.  For further details see Dacorum Planning reference 20/03478/DRC or turn to

The future of the field to the right of the access road is uncertain but for the immediate future it will remain as open land, forming a barrier between housing and the cemetery.  Plans for the tennis club to occupy this field have been dropped and, if developed at all, it will be for as yet undetermined leisure use. A line of trees has been planted in this field to shield the view for residents of Woodfield Drive.