LGVA 500 Club

lgva 500 club


If you would like to support the Village Association and, at the same time, have a chance of winning a prize, why not join the LGVA 500 Club.

For a subscription of £12.00 per year you have a chance of winning our first prize of £100.00 every month, or a smaller sum for second and third prizes.  The first prize will always be £100.00 and the more people who join (up to a maximum of 500), the higher the second and third prizes will be.

The draw takes place in the Village Centre on or shortly after the first of every month and results and winners are notified by post.  Results are also exhibited at the Village Hall and published in the Newsletters (unless no publicity is requested).

The Club runs from April each year, when subscriptions are renewable, but you can join at any time by paying the number of months up to and including the following March.

For an application form Click here. After completing the form just deliver it, with your cheque, to the Village Hall.